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Get The Juice From Our CEO

Get The Juice From Our CEO

Black Girls Got The Juice is important to me because it is me.  And it's you.  With so much emphasis placed on our image (the beat face, bundles of Brazilian hair, hour glass figure, and designer clothes and bags), we as women can get caught up in thinking that that's our juice.  Now I'm not saying that possessing those things makes you any less of a woman. But my point is, that's not all we are about.  Sometimes I have to take a step back and look in the mirror and tell myself that I am enough.  That I am the shit.  And so are you.  Every imperfect part of you.

You might ask where The Juice comes from.  It comes from our ancestors.  They gave us The Juice.  We been had it, and we always will.  And our juice will always be what they want and can't have.

Black girls are the driving force of society.  We are the leaders in entertainment, music, education, and fashion.  Every single thing we touch is golden.  

I made this collection to show Black women, young and old, that The Juice has and always will be the driving force of this world.  It will always be sought after by the others.  But our juice can't be bought.  You can't rent it.  Our juice is forever. It's the presence, power, and prestige of excellence.

Black Girls have, and will always have, THE JUICE.

- Joshlyn Turner, Owner/Creative Director of The Write Fit

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